Tokyo Accommodation: Hotel Bellclassic Tokyo

Everything in Tokyo is expensive. Accommodation is not an exception.

I don’t believe in wasting money on accommodation.  Whenever I travel, I stay in hostels / dormitories.  But as much as possible, I choose to stay in a hotel for a couple of days just to get the sense on how different it could be from other countries.

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I usually book my accommodation through This website allows me to make a reservation without paying anything. You just have to make sure to cancel it days before.


Hotel Bellclassic Tokyo
Hotel Bellclassic Tokyo –  Single Room


During my recent visit to Tokyo, I stayed in three different hotels. I met up with friends later on and  shared a room with them in Hotel Gracery Tamachi and Ginza Capital Hotel.  Hotel Bellclassic Tokyo was my favorite for a variety of reasons.

One thing I noticed about Japanese hotels is that their beds and pillows aren’t as soft as the the usual pillows. They’re not big on pillows. I only had one instead of the usual 2.

Hotel Bellclassic Tokyo
Hotel Bellclassic Tokyo – Bed

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