Tokyo Accommodation: Hotel Bellclassic Tokyo

Everything in Tokyo is expensive. Accommodation is not an exception.

I don’t believe in wasting money on accommodation.  Whenever I travel, I stay in hostels / dormitories.  But as much as possible, I choose to stay in a hotel for a couple of days just to get the sense on how different it could be from other countries.

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I usually book my accommodation through This website allows me to make a reservation without paying anything. You just have to make sure to cancel it days before.


Hotel Bellclassic Tokyo
Hotel Bellclassic Tokyo –  Single Room


During my recent visit to Tokyo, I stayed in three different hotels. I met up with friends later on and  shared a room with them in Hotel Gracery Tamachi and Ginza Capital Hotel.  Hotel Bellclassic Tokyo was my favorite for a variety of reasons.

One thing I noticed about Japanese hotels is that their beds and pillows aren’t as soft as the the usual pillows. They’re not big on pillows. I only had one instead of the usual 2.

Hotel Bellclassic Tokyo
Hotel Bellclassic Tokyo – Bed

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Starting 2016 With a Bang

Today is my first day back to work after a 2-week beach vacation.

I’m grateful that I survived today. It wasn’t easy.

On a brighter note, I just booked my first international travel for this year. Next month!!!


I’m too ecstatic that I feel like crying. The destination is not very popular among Filipinos as it involves getting a visa (clue #1). Although short, this trip involves 2 items on my bucket list.

I cannot wait!!!

So I think I definitely started my year with a bang:
-survived first day back to work
-booked 1st international travel this year
-Im blogging from my phone for the first time!!!

2014: Where My Feet Had Taken Me


Started the year with a bang in the lovely Cebu City. Need I mention Sinulog and Lifedance, too?

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Rancho Cancio

Mactan, Cebu     


March to April  

New York

Who doesn’t love New York City?



I’m in a love-hate relationship with Chicago. She’s beautiful but she doesn’t seem like she wants you to appreciate her beauty. She’s just too cold!


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Interstate Video

I am from the Philippines where travelling 100+ miles could actually mean spending your entire day in a ferry or a bus.   Whenever I get the chance to travel to America, I take advantage of land travel.  There, I get to be in a completely different state in a matter of, say, 2 hours. 🙂

I recently got a GoPro Hero3+ and I tested it out on the road.  It’s pretty great considering that I get to put it on the dashboard and not worry about anything (unlike my dslr).

This was taken on a road trip to Ohio via Interstate 75 north on a fine, sunny Sunday.

Here, take a look.  What do you think?


You may view the HD version on

Anda de Boracay

Anda de Boracay
Anda de Boracay

There used to be a time when I visited Boracay as if it was just our mall nearby.  I could no longer count the number of times I’ve been there.

These days, I think twice and most probably head home to Bohol.  There are just a whole lot of beautiful beaches in Bohol that are yet to be discovered.

Anda de Boracay, also dubbed as Little Miami, is slowly getting the attention of both local and international tourists.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  I barely noticed vendors or hostels nearby.  It’s roughly a two-hour drive from Tagbilaran City/Panglao Island (less than an hour from home).

When you get there, there will be little cottages like the one below. I’m not sure if they are for rent but I assume they are on a first-come-first-served basis.  Tables are for rent for around P50.00.  You can also opt to stay underneath the trees.


There will be lots of kids and kids-at-heart along the shore. 🙂




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Winter Storm

I live in a beautiful country in the pacific but I am not a stranger to winter.  It was already below 0C when I got in. It was winter, I knew, but I never expected it to be that cold.  It’s been a pretty bad winter, I have heard. I couldn’t imagine how some people managed to get through worse temperatures months before.

Two days after I arrived, winter storm hit Lexington.  By that time, the temperature kept dropping  and dropping below 0C; the coldest I checked being -15C (wind chill as low as -23C).

The hotel where we stayed was roughly two miles away from our headquarters but it took us an hour to get there because the storm was really terrible and the snow kept piling up over ice. Two wrongs did not make things right but we managed to get to the office. Your guess is as good as mine: the office was a ghost town.

 It was a terrible ordeal going back but we managed to get back to the hotel safe and sound.

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Travel Essentials

I have always enjoyed travel blogs and I am already dreaming about my future travels.  It just feels relaxing and heavenly.  Since I’m out of anything to write about,  I thought I’d share with you my travel edition of What’s In My Bag.

I’ve been planning on getting a North Face backpack but my physiotherapist strongly disapproves of it.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to travel with a backpack.  But anyway, my red 10kg trolley is still in great condition after being dragged to different places for almost 5 years.

Since we’re on this topic of travel, I’ll have to squeeze this in for a little bit.  I have asked this question several times in the past but I got laughs in return every single time.  I never got an answer.  But really, I’m serious.  Does the backpacker term refer strictly to people who travel in backpacks?


Oooppsss, too much blabbering.  Of course, I left out the part where I have to include items like money, passport, maps, comfortable footwear, clothes fit for the season, etc… But anyway, here goes my list.


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Boracay Accomodation: Ole Boracay

After reading some glowing reviews, we decided to give Ole a try.  Ole has three rooms: O, L and E on the second floor of their restaurant.   This is, by the way, just right at the heart of D’Mall Plaza.

The location is perfect, but…

Everything else is just extremely horrible.

We arrived at around 7pm and it was raining really hard.   We asked one of the waitresses for assistance but she never came back.   After painfully waiting for a couple of minutes, we asked another waitress again who obviously got annoyed by our persistent inquiry.

In case you’re wondering, that’s the door leading upstairs.  And yes, they blatantly put a table less than a foot away from the door.  I’m very petite but I could hardly pass through the door!  We had to ask a couple of diners to move their table for a while for us to pass through.


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Chicago, Illinois: Part I

Chicago is probably one of the most interesting cities I’ve been to.  I’ve been there three times already but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to its cold weather (although I have not been there during summer).  But I love it anyway.  I walk a lot and I always prefer walking in the cold than in the summer heat.

CAUTION: Do not EVER let the sun fool you most especially during winter!  I live in a tropical country and visiting Chicago on a winter and say that it’s “effing freakin’ cold” there is a complete understatement!

This is the Millenuem Park/SBC Plaza and this is where you’ll find what I call, “The Bean”.  I wonder what it’s made of.  Although it looks metal-ly.  LOL.  I know, I know.

Its surface reflects the sky and its surroundings.  Here’s one pic I took on a sunny day.  Can you spot where I am in this pic?  Oh yes, that’s me with the pink bag.

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Macau 2011 Itinerary

Every trip is different.  It’s my second time in Macau.  I’m blogging about it this time.

Macau Ferry Terminal
Expect loooonnngg queue at the immigration upon arrival at the Macau Ferry Terminal.  I guess there will never be a time when this place becomes a ghost town.  Macau is a former Portuguese colony so expect signs in Portuguese.  Not a problem at all.  Some of our Filipino words are derived from the Portuguese language so it’s quite easy to understand (being under the Spanish regime for over 3 centuries).

There are buses waiting outside for each hotel/destination.  Take the bus towards your destination or nearest your destination.  Our first stop was The City of Dreams, Macau.  Read my entry about it here.

The Hard Rock Hotel, Macau
After watching The Dragon’s Treasure, we headed straight to The Hard Rock Hotel.  Hyacinth did some shopping there.  She collects Hard Rock Hotel shirts.

Moi. Sue. Hya.

We grabbed lunch at The Hard Rock Hotel foodcourt.  Notice the pretty ceiling.

The Hard Rock Hotel Foodcourt

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