Parilya, Cebu

Do you ever wonder where my feet take me on Saturdays?

Meet my good friends.  We call ourselves the “Saturday Night Foodies” group.  We enjoy stories and laughters over gastronomic experiences.

We tried Parilya, the newly-opened restaurant by the Laguna Group.  It’s the latest landmark along the South Road Properties (SRP) right by Filinvest’s Il Corso property. Parilya makes you feel at home. Its setup is very light to the touch and very laidback.  It lives by the truest meaning of al fresco dining.



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Crispy Crablets:

Baby crabs cooked in perfect crisp; a crunch in every bite. Oh, and it smelled really, really good.

This dish surprised me the most. Mind you, I don’t usually eat crablets because of its shell. But this one, though, I didn’t even notice the shell. It was that good. Just dip it in vinegar, and you’d have the perfect starter (abrigana).

Php 180.00 per order  


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Cebu Dining: Mae Krua

There are only few entries you’ll find online about Mae Krua. Today, I decided to give it a visit. To my dismay, it took me almost an hour to locate this restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, I love to walk before I eat. Thus, the one hour of looking.

I was told that it’s in front of Velez College. The easiest way to locate this is through the Diplomat Hotel; around 150M from Velez Hospital, 50M from Bigfoot, 2 lots away from Diplomat Hotel, right beside City Suites. It’s okay to get lost sometimes. Jeepneys 14D from Ayala, 17C and 04C from Colon are among the others that pass by this area.

This is by far the cheapest Thai resto I’ve been to and gives a little push to Krua Thai and Siam’s flavors. (although I think Siam is more commercial).

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Cebu Dining: Firozian Indian Tea House

Please excuse my lousy photos.  Butitoy has been acting up lately plus I can’t bear its weight with my current back problem plus it’s rainy season.  All of these were taken using my iphone.

As I may have mentioned on my previous post,  I’m not really a fan of Indian food.  But offtentimes, when I get to dine in one Indian restaurant, it always turns out to be surprising.

Take the case of my dining experience in Firozian Indian Tea House.  I am not familiar with their Indian menu (or any Indian food for that matter) but I asked the waitress for her suggestions.  She didn’t let my expectations down.  Indeed, I found their food really tasty.

My partner in crime, Jepuni, got Chinni Chicken and Lassi with rose extract for himself.  It was really tasty but I only took one bite because it was spicy.

Chinni Chicken

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Cebu Dining: STK Ta Bay!

STK Ta Bay! Seafood House, an ancestral home turned restaurant,  gives its diners a uniquely Filipino ambiance.  The interior design is history in itself.  You’ll be surprised – it’s the only place in Cebu that I’ve seen such interior.  It’s full of things from way back: from clothes, to silverware – anything historic and ancient, you’ll find it there.

A collection of pictures will also greet you once you step inside: celebrities and high ranking officials have dined there! I also saw framed letters of appreciation from Vice President Jejomar Binay and US Ambassador Harry K. Thomas, Jr.  That’s just few of the proofs of their growing popularity. 😀

It may be hard to locate this restaurant when you’re not familiar with the Capitol Site/Osmeña Blvd area.  But no worries, a lot of people already frequent STK Ta Bay! that the taxi drivers are already familiar with this restaurant.  No jeepneys pass by this street but this should be no more than 300m away from Osmeña Blvd.  Take any jeepney that passes by Capitol Site and ask the driver to drop you off Bo’s/Cebu Doctor’s or BPI/Joven’s Grill.  Walk 2 blocks from Osmeña Blvd and you’ll notice a strip of restaurants.  One of them should be STK Ta Bay!.

Kinilaw with Gata (Php115)

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Bangkok, Thailand – Day 1

There’s something about Bangkok that makes me want to go back again and again.  I love the culture – it’s rich and simply fascinating! I love the people!  They are very polite!  The food is just mouth-watering!!!

I want to talk about our not-so-recent trip to Bangkok last October 2009 (yes, I talk about it all the time). I’ll tell you just about everything you need to know about Bangkok.

We got a good deal from Philippine Airlines (PAL). We paid $138 for our roundtrip ticket from Manila to Bangkok and vice versa. Of course, no once can get away with travel tax of Php1620 and terminal fee of Php750. We left at around 10:30AM and arrived three hours later. Manila is one hour ahead of Bangkok so we had to adjust our time to Bangkok time.

Boy, was I completely fascinated with the airport’s architecture!

When you arrive Bangkok, head straight to the immigration kiosks and make sure to look for the regular line and not the “trainee” line. It will save you your time.

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Cebu Dining: Chowabungga Fastfood and Restaurant

Here’s one restaurant that’s among my favorite go-to restaurants on weekends.

I have professed my love for Sumosam Ayala before but hey, you can get an equally delicious meal at Chowabungga for 1/3 of Sumosam’s price. Imagine my eyes twinkle when I passed by Mango Avenue and saw Chowabungga there! 😀 I no longer have to take the long ride to IT park; Chowabungga Mango is just a kilometer walk from where I live.

Solo dining here is never intimidating. Their staff’s service is great! I usually see the owner (I suppose) on Saturday evenings.

If you’re too hungry and can’t wait for another minute, I”m sorry to say that this place isn’t for you. It usually takes 10-20 minutes for your food to be prepared. BUT — you may want to buy a candy or cranker at “Everything To Go” next door while waiting; their food is worth every minute of your time.

I can’t be sure of Chowabungga IT Park’s store hours. I think they don’t open on Sundays and I believe that they’re only open at night. For Chowabungga Mango Avenue, their store opens from 5:00PM to 2:00PM, Mondays-Sundays.

I managed to take a picture of their menu to share with you so you’ll have an idea how much their meal costs. Must try: Katsudon 😀 Their Sizzling Sisig is great, too! And oh, did I forget to mention their pamachows?! I believe it would cost you P10 more should you wish to add egg to your order (cooked according to your preference).

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Boracay Dining: D’ Talipapa

D’Talipapa is a public market where you can buy souvenirs, fruits, meat, vegetables at a low price (lower than those you find in D’Mall). I consider this as a MUST dining stop in Boracay because everything is guaranteed fresh. Here, you’ll marvel (marvel in my case) at the sight of live lobsters, crawling crabs, prawns, clams, and all the seafood you could ever imagine. You handpick the seafood and have them cooked (for a fee) the way you like them for your lunch or dinner.

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Cebu: Asturias – Balamban Road Trip

We had a road trip last weekend. Our stops were Asturias for lunch and Balamban for fishing and horse back riding.

Asturias is a two-hour ride from Cebu City via Naga-Toledo road (private car). You can opt to take the V-hire at theAyala Center Cebu Terminal for P120.00. The vhire takes the Transcentral road and you’ll reach Asturias in an hour. Balamban is just a 10-minute drive from Asturias so it’s not really that far.

We had to pass by Balamban before getting to Asturias just so we could finally taste the ever famous original balamban liempo. Indeed, it tastes way better than what you get around the city. Take a closer look at the original Balamban liempo.

And another one…

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My Top 10 Best Beaches

Updated 12.28.2014:
I realized that there’s no way I could fit all the lovely beaches into 5 items. Therefore, I’ll be adding more entries to this list to make it 10 (hopefully more Philippine beaches). 10 is fun!

Nacpan Beach, El Nido (new at 3rd spot)
Waikiki, Hawaii (new at 4th spot)
Boracay (from 3rd to 5th spot)
Phi Phi, Phuket, Thailand (from 4th to 7th)
Bantayan Island, Cebu (5th to 6th spot)


I have just only been to Boracay very recently for a Holiday but now I’m itching to be SOMEWHERE else – beach, specifically.  I guess my immediate remedy for this urge is to go back to the memories of where I’ve been over the last couple of years.

Having said that, I believe it’s  only fair that I note down my top 5 10 best beaches I’ve been to. Here’s my list:

10. TBD
9. TBD
8. TBD

7. Phi Phi Islands and Phuket,Thailand

I have said before that there’s something about Thailand that makes me want to come back for more (especially their beaches). I love the people, the food, … I love everything! No doubt that this has become one of the most popular beaches in Asia. If you’ve seen Leonardo di Caprio’s “The Beach”, you know what I mean.

6. Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines

Five-hour trip from Cebu City, not so crowded, seafood’s a plenty… Need I say more?  You can read the rest of my entry here.

5.Station 1, Boracay, Philippines

I’ve been here a couple of times already and this will always have a special place in my heart.  The long stretch of white sand is simply breathtaking.  You never run out of anything to do here and there’s just a loooottt of food to choose from.  If you wish to socialize, this is definitely the place to be.  (I have yet to write an entry about Boracay in general.  I think I’ve only written about Boracay dining.  I’ll update this entry as soon as I write about it.)

4. Waikiki, Hawaii

3. Nacpan Beach, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

2. Sumilon, Oslob, Cebu, Philippines

The island soooo lovely I’ve dubbed it my own. Read my entry here to know why.

1. Home, Bohol, Philippines

I love the fact that it’s there, within the sight from your window; where the seabreeze is cooler than your aircon at night and the fact that you get subdued by the relaxing sound of the waves at night.
The sand isn’t as pristine and white as the others on the list.  But it’s HOME – where the childhood memories are inked in your heart forever.  That’s what makes it more special than the rest of the beaches on my list above.

Boracay Dining: The Original Hawaiian Bar-B-Que

I almost reached the point of calling myself a pescetarian during my entire trip to Boracay – fresh fish, prawns, crabs, losters… (sighs) But hey, I could be forgiven for this one, right?

The Original Hawaiian Bar-B-Que is right along the beach in Station 1. If you see Yellow Cab, this should be within your sight.

For those hardcore pork lovers out there, this is the place to be. Best for lunch, I’d say. The Original Hawaiian Bar-B-Que, as the name suggests, is known for their barbecue and back ribs (I honestly don’t know what I’m talking about now.)

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