Parilya, Cebu

Do you ever wonder where my feet take me on Saturdays?

Meet my good friends.  We call ourselves the “Saturday Night Foodies” group.  We enjoy stories and laughters over gastronomic experiences.

We tried Parilya, the newly-opened restaurant by the Laguna Group.  It’s the latest landmark along the South Road Properties (SRP) right by Filinvest’s Il Corso property. Parilya makes you feel at home. Its setup is very light to the touch and very laidback.  It lives by the truest meaning of al fresco dining.



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Crispy Crablets:

Baby crabs cooked in perfect crisp; a crunch in every bite. Oh, and it smelled really, really good.

This dish surprised me the most. Mind you, I don’t usually eat crablets because of its shell. But this one, though, I didn’t even notice the shell. It was that good. Just dip it in vinegar, and you’d have the perfect starter (abrigana).

Php 180.00 per order  


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Orange Karenderia, Lahug

Food spotting is one thing I do often on weekends.  A lot has been said about Orange Karenderia so when I heard that they opened a second branch nearby, I decided to give it a try.

Orange Karenderia has been known for serving exotic dishes and home-cooked meals. Its indoor setting has that old, familiar  “feel” of a karenderia, but an upgraded one.

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Ginabot, also known as the local version of chicharong bulaklak, is one street food that I do not eat.  Ginabot / Chicharong Bulaklak is made from salted, dried pig intestines. I’d imagine that these intestines were cleaned vigorously and then deep-fried in super hot oil until it became crispy. I gave it a try. Yes, this ginabot was tolerable (I ate 3 pieces!) and actually didn’t smell like the other ginabots. If you ask me, I think their version of ginabot is the best in town.  

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  I liked the first few bites of their Betsy’s Garlic Chicken (P135.00).  It’s made of fried boneless thighs in teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds. I think I prefer the sauce separated from the dish itself.  The sweetness of the teriyaki sauce could be overpowering towards the end of your meal.  

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Their Cripy Tuna Belly (P120.00) was actually my favorite. It’s cripy and tasted really good.

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I can eat multiple servings of kinilaw, or ceviche, (P150.00) of any type. However, their kinilaw was the most disappointing I’ve tried so far.  It was really, really sour and I mean beyond tolerable sourness.  When it was served to me, the fish meat already looked pale which is the number 1 sign of too much vinegar.

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Other dishes they serve:

Appetizers: kinilaw, sinuglaw, itlog maalat and calamares
Grilled: pork barbecue, pork belly, chorizo, tuna panga, tuna belly
Sizzling Menu: tuna sisig, squid sisig, gambas, pork sisig
Main Menu: Crispy tuna buntot, crispy tuna belly, betsy’s garlic chicken, pancit bihon
Vegetables: chopsuey, ginataang gulay, pinakbet
Exotics: crispy tuna bihod, guisadong bihod, bagaybay, kusog, chicharon bulaklak, chicken liver and gizzard

All their prices are very affordable. Their servings are meant for sharing between 2-3 persons.

I’ve visited this place a couple of times but I can’t really say that I had a good experience overall. Food was okay and I wasn’t that impressed by their customer service.  The place is packed all the time so it’s necessary to go there during off-peak hours if you want to give them a visit.

La Guardia St., Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City
(0917) 721-0923
Operating Hours: 11:00am – 11:00pm (kitchen closes at 10:00pm)
Cooking and Prepping time: 9-12 minutes

Rancho Cancio Part 3

If you missed the first two posts on Racho Cancio, click here and here.

Rancho Cancio requires a minimum charge for those who wish to rent this farm. Additional charges will be applied to the exceeding number of guests.

This is their “dirty” kitchen.  Pretty fancy, huh? I want one, honestly.

This is the farm’s living room.  It is very relaxing and breezy.


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Rancho Cancio Part 2

In case you missed the first part of the fun, head over to this link for part 1!

So, being a water baby that I am, it is imperative that I dedicate a blog entry exclusively for Rancho Cancio’s infinity pool.

Unbeknownst to many, I have this strong affinity to wood flooring.  I could not imagine where they got those gorgeous woods!

Those two at the end are actually jacuzzis.  You can request the caretakers to turn the bubbles on.

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Rancho Cancio Part 1

I bet you’ve heard of this hidden gem by now.  I am publicly professing my love and adoration to this farm that I am allocating 3 entries here.

Rancho Cancio is a family rest house that is rented out on a pre-arranged basis and is exclusive to one group only.

This was a long-awaited team building for us since Rancho Cancio is almost always booked.

Rancho Cancio is located in Adlanon, Busay, Cebu, an hour of scenic ride from Cebu City.  I can literally say that the road getting there is “a road less traveled”.  It requires a highly-skilled driver familiar with the steep and muddy road to get you there safely. In this case, we hired a highly recommended driver.

The moment I set my eyes on this farm, I was… subdued (in a good way!).

Rancho Cancio is very quiet.  Relaxing. Private. Beautiful.


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Kasadya Sa SRP

If you’re in Cebu and looking for some cheap thrills, you shouldn’t miss Kasadya sa SRP (South Road Project).  It is located in the SRP Sugbu vicinity.  No jeepneys are allowed along SRP but you can take a cab going there.

Do not expect fancy rides like the ones you see in Ocean Park or Six Flags.  Their rides range from Php15 – Php50.

I remember the ferris wheel ride being leisurely and slow from childhood.  Our first ride was the ferris wheel (left).  This one made us shiver.  It was fast and oh-my-the-squeaking-sound-from-the-steel!  I closed my eyes the entire time and sweated like crazy. 

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Cebu Dining: Mae Krua

There are only few entries you’ll find online about Mae Krua. Today, I decided to give it a visit. To my dismay, it took me almost an hour to locate this restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, I love to walk before I eat. Thus, the one hour of looking.

I was told that it’s in front of Velez College. The easiest way to locate this is through the Diplomat Hotel; around 150M from Velez Hospital, 50M from Bigfoot, 2 lots away from Diplomat Hotel, right beside City Suites. It’s okay to get lost sometimes. Jeepneys 14D from Ayala, 17C and 04C from Colon are among the others that pass by this area.

This is by far the cheapest Thai resto I’ve been to and gives a little push to Krua Thai and Siam’s flavors. (although I think Siam is more commercial).

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Tides, Shangri La Mactan


Hello, I am back!

After years of planning to have dinner at Tides, Shangri-la Mactan, it finally got realized.

We took their coaster service from SM Cebu to Shangri-la Mactan. It’s Php100 per person (one way) and you pay at the customer service station upon arrival. All other coasters from other hotels park outside SM Northwing just near Gerry’s Grill.  Taxi fare from SM to Shangri-la and VV will be around Php 230-250 depending on traffic.

Here’s their schedule as of December 30, 2012:


We arrived earlier than we had originally planned so we had plenty of time to take pictures and feel the sand beneath our feet.  Such an amazing feeling!  But still, it would have been better if we had arrived around 2PM when the sky’s still blue.  A picture of their gazebo could have been perfect with the blue contrast.

The Tides Entrance

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Have you noticed that you won’t find pictures of Citigym online (or probably just a few)?  I’m not sure if pictures are not allowed but here are a couple of locker pictures  I took (sorry, I don’t have pictures of their gym) just in case you might be interested.

I have transferred from Marriott to Citigym for a couple of reasons.  One of those is that I hate running before my shift.  I am used to running at dawn (2am-4am).  Citigym is probably the only one that’s open 24 hours and it’s just about perfect for my shift.  There are very few people (usually 5 max) who work out at this hour (I have the sauna, steam room, shower room, treadmill, etc all to myself! LOL).

Although my vote goes to Fitness First for the equipment, Citigym’s locker room won me over along with the friendliness of its staff.  It probably has the cleanest locker room I’ve ever seen!

Here we go!

I believe they have ~45 electronic lockers.  And I love the fact that they have a floor-length mirror inside.


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Cebu Dining: STK Ta Bay!

STK Ta Bay! Seafood House, an ancestral home turned restaurant,  gives its diners a uniquely Filipino ambiance.  The interior design is history in itself.  You’ll be surprised – it’s the only place in Cebu that I’ve seen such interior.  It’s full of things from way back: from clothes, to silverware – anything historic and ancient, you’ll find it there.

A collection of pictures will also greet you once you step inside: celebrities and high ranking officials have dined there! I also saw framed letters of appreciation from Vice President Jejomar Binay and US Ambassador Harry K. Thomas, Jr.  That’s just few of the proofs of their growing popularity. 😀

It may be hard to locate this restaurant when you’re not familiar with the Capitol Site/Osmeña Blvd area.  But no worries, a lot of people already frequent STK Ta Bay! that the taxi drivers are already familiar with this restaurant.  No jeepneys pass by this street but this should be no more than 300m away from Osmeña Blvd.  Take any jeepney that passes by Capitol Site and ask the driver to drop you off Bo’s/Cebu Doctor’s or BPI/Joven’s Grill.  Walk 2 blocks from Osmeña Blvd and you’ll notice a strip of restaurants.  One of them should be STK Ta Bay!.

Kinilaw with Gata (Php115)

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