Australia Budget in a Nutshell


1. Airfare

Keyword: PROMO FARE.

It is a habit of mine to regularly check for promo fares. I seldom (or never) travel with regular fares.  Thank goodness for promo fares. Travelling has never been this affordable.

Both flights were with Cebu Pacific, the low budget airline based in the Philippines.  I booked each flight separately since booking direct Cebu to Sydney would cost twice as much as Manila to Sydney.

These days, you can book Manila to Sydney and vice versa flights for half the cost of what I had paid for. Those were the days when there were still fees and surcharges added to your fare.  The last time I checked, you can fly to Sydney for as low as Php9,000 roundtrip. But if you think about it, Php18,000 for a roundtrip ticket to Australia is not that bad.

Tip: You can skip adding meals to your booking (each meal being Php500).  They’re not that good. Buy some food from the airport enough to last you the entire eight-hour trip. Don’t forget to prepay for your bag.  It is cheaper than paying for your bag upon checking in.

My Sydney-Melbourne flight, however, was bought out of impulse.  This was not included in my itinerary.  Upon checking for things to do in Australia, I saw that you can take the train from Sydney to Melbourne. Ecstatic, I sent a message to my childhood friend based in Melbourne.  He advised me to take the plane instead because it will save me the time and hassle.  And I did.

There are also lots of promo fares in Australia. The key there is planning it ahead. I heard that you can fly for AUD50. Please note that you can absolutely take the train to Melbourne or anywhere in Australia if you have all the time in the world.  And it’s quiet affordable, too.

My Sydney-Melbourne ticket may have been booked out of impulse, but so far, it’s the best decision I’ve ever taken.  I can see myself living permanently in Melbourne. The place is THAT great!

2. Visa

You may check the details of my Visa application here.

3. Terminal Fee

Terminal fees for domestic travels (Cebu and Manila, I think) are already included in your tickets. For international flights, however, you will have to pay for it separately.

I know, I know. I can probably write an entire novel full of rants regarding nonsense fees and taxes. But anyway...

4. Travel Tax

Oh yes, you have to shell out Php1,620 before you can get inside the airport itself. See rant on #3.

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