Parilya, Cebu

Do you ever wonder where my feet take me on Saturdays?

Meet my good friends.  We call ourselves the “Saturday Night Foodies” group.  We enjoy stories and laughters over gastronomic experiences.

We tried Parilya, the newly-opened restaurant by the Laguna Group.  It’s the latest landmark along the South Road Properties (SRP) right by Filinvest’s Il Corso property. Parilya makes you feel at home. Its setup is very light to the touch and very laidback.  It lives by the truest meaning of al fresco dining.



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Crispy Crablets:

Baby crabs cooked in perfect crisp; a crunch in every bite. Oh, and it smelled really, really good.

This dish surprised me the most. Mind you, I don’t usually eat crablets because of its shell. But this one, though, I didn’t even notice the shell. It was that good. Just dip it in vinegar, and you’d have the perfect starter (abrigana).

Php 180.00 per order  


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SINUGLAW:  Sinugba (grilled) pork belly combined with fish kinilaw (ceviche) in coconut milk and vinegar.

This light, refreshing is perfect for summer.  It wasn’t too sour nor too sweet. I loved how perfect it was.

Php245.00 per order



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Fiesta Seafood Platter: 

Shrimps? Crabs? Clams? This dish had a bit of everything in one big plate to satisfy your seafood craving.

Php 650.00 per order



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For the rice lovers out there, you’ll love rice (Php40 / order) even more. It’s wrapped in banana leaves so it gives an enticing aroma.

Other orders we tried were hot choco (Php80), minatamis na saging (Php75) and vegetable lumpia (Php130). You can let these pass and try other dishes on the menu instead.

Parilya is a perfect seaside dining place for friends and family.  They’re currently in soft opening so it’s best the you manage your expectations. However, we loved our overall dining experience there and we will definitely go back.  Parilya is by Laguna Group so expect that their dishes are very tasty.

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