Festival of the Lion King, Hong Kong, Disneyland

Every time I visit Hong Kong Disneyland, I make sure to watch Festival of the Lion King.  It’s that one show that I think I’ll never get tired of watching. For me, it’s by far, the most entertaining Disney show.

Festival of the Lion King is a live interpretation and truncated version of Disney’s “The Lion King” movie. In Hong Kong, the show is in both English and Cantonese.

Festival of the Lion King, Hong Kong Disneyland

The animals are represented by large puppets on parade floats. The show is hosted by performers dressed in costumes inspired by traditional African dress.

Parade-style Floats merged together

This is Rafiki. She retells the story of Simba in this show.

Hong Kong Disneyland, Festival of the Lion King show

The Festival of the Lion King focuses on Simba reclaiming the leadership of his pride after his Uncle Scar usurps it.

A closer shot of Simba.

Uncle Scar in action.


The entire time, it felt like swinging into a jungle  full of fun acrobats and dancers as Simba, Timon and Pumba come to life in a musical extravaganza. My favorite part has to be “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”.

This show is featured in the “Theater in the Wild” in Adventureland, Disneyland Hong Kong.

Tip: go there 15minutes before start time to get the best seat inside the theater.

More pics below.






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